Vertical Garden/Green Wall

The vertical garden which is known also as green wall, bio wall, living garden can be define as a system in which plant grows in vertical area

Vertical Garden is also known as Green wall / live Garden / Bio Wall. Vertical Garden is not only looks beautiful but also help to give you fresh year at your home. Some survey says that green wall / vertical garden is more effective then air purifiers, which you put at your home for fresh air. Vertical garden don’t kill any space in your sweet home, because it fixed on walls at your home. The area which you uses for paintings, vertical garden can take your that space and in the other hand it gives you fresh air and beauty and paintings gives you only beauty. Vertical garden can absorb heat and harmful gas from the air and gives you life gas that is called oxygen. It can be placed in both indoors and outdoors.

The main elements of vertical garden are:-


Planting medium

Aluminum framing

Vertical Garden Penal

Vertical Garden Pots

Irrigation System

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