Lawn Development

Telus Landscape Services is committed to providing quality services to its clients. We provide our clients with the best advice and services as per their feasibility. That is why according to our clients we are a very good landscape service provider


The organized planning for a lawn landscaping is an art. The landscaper who is doing this planning for your garden he must have knowledge about the Plant, soil, land, local environment conditions. Landscape development can be described as the placing right plant at the right place for total enjoyment.  The art of making garden at your lawn is known as landscape development


Important considerations of gardening:

  • A garden should have been environment and kids friendly.
  • Garden should give you the Enjoyment.
  • It should not be the overcrowding of plants in the garden.
  • Before planning about the garden you should be confident about the use of the garden


If you wish to do this all at your site then you just call to Tellus Landscape Services we are all time here to help you in landscape services.