Landscape Maintenance

If a landscape is a drawing, it must have a drawing paper. This paper is the

Lawn which a landscaper is going to develop. Just as a painter makes his painting on paper, the same way a landscaper looks at his work on the lawn.

When our lawn is fully developed, many lawn owners understand that our work is done.

But the real work is later started which we call Landscape Maintenance. After the lawn is developed, maintenance of lawn is a very big task which involves many steps.

Such as timely application of pesticides to prevent plants from insects, watering the plants on time and in right quantity, harvesting of plants at the right time, mowing the lawn, harvesting grass in the lawn at the right time, etc. Consists of

Here you have two ways to maintain your garden, either you learn all this work i.e. landscape maintenance or outsource all this work to a company. If you are interested in learning landscape maintenance, we would be very happy and your contribution to nature is appreciated.

And if you want to outsource your garden maintenance work or landscape maintenance work, we will be happy to support you at every step. You want to do landscape maintenance work anywhere in India, including the entire NCR like Landscape Maintenance Work in Faridabad, Garden and Landscape Maintenance Noida, Garden Maintenance Gurgaon and Gurugram, Landscape Maintenance in Delhi Garden Maintenance in Delhi or Garden Maintenance in India. Or in any corner of India, we Telus Landscape Services with our expert team are ready to provide you services of landscape maintenance, garden maintenance at all times.

Water and Irrigation

Irrigation system can be defined as a science artificial arrangement of water for the land as per need of the crop. Irrigation water we provide to the plant if rain doesn’t fall proper to maintain the soil moisture. Many time it is not possible to meet the whole requirement of the plants by the use of irrigation water. As we all know that there is limited water available so to stop the wastage of water we use irrigation system.