Vertical Garden

The vertical garden which is known also as green wall, bio wall, living garden etc.it can be define as a system in which plant grows in vertical area

Plant Supply

Tellus Landscape Services is a known name in the field of plants supply and landscaping services. From several years we are providing our services in all over India Including Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Noida, NCR

Irrigation System

Irrigation system can be defined as a science artificial arrangement of water for the land as per need of the crop. Irrigation water we provide to the plant if rain doesn’t fall proper to maintain the soil moisture. Many time it is not possible to meet the whole requirement of the plants by the use of irrigation water. As we all know that there is limited water available so to stop the wastage of water we use irrigation system.

Landscape Maintenance

If a landscape is a drawing, it must have a drawing paper. This paper is the

Lawn which a landscaper is going to develop. Just as a painter makes his painting on paper, the same way a landscaper looks at his work on the lawn.

When our lawn is fully developed, many lawn owners understand that our work is done.

Lawn Development

Telus Landscape Services is committed to providing quality services to its clients. We provide our clients with the best advice and services as per their feasibility. That is why according to our clients we are a very good landscape service provider


Landscape Development

The organized planning for a lawn landscaping is an art. The landscaper who is doing this planning for your garden he must have knowledge about the Plant, soil, land, local environment conditions. Landscape development can be described as the placing right plant at the right place for total enjoyment.  The art of making garden at your lawn is known as landscape development